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Specialized Engine and Transmission Department

Are you looking for a quality engine or transmission for a great price? Here at Liberty Auto Salvage we have a robust inventory of quality used OEM engines and transmissions. If we don’t have a used engine in stock that fits your car, we also carry a full line of quality rebuilt engines which meet all OEM specifications.

Regardless of what you’re looking for, chances are good that we have the right engine and transmission for your domestic or foreign car, van, SUV or pickup truck. And if we don’t have the exact thing we definitely have something that’s close enough to do the trick.

Used Engines and Transmissions

In many situations our computerized inventory system allows us to sell you an engine or transmission out of a newer model vehicle based on the Hollander interchange database. This invaluable database is hugely helpful for auto shops and DIY mechanics as it offers a comprehensive list of engines and transmissions from newer vehicles that are interchangeable with older vehicles.

This may allow you to get replacement recycled parts with half the miles of your current parts while saving in excess of more than 60% compared with the cost of a new motor or transmission from a car dealership.

You can find out if we have an engine or transmission in stock by:

Navigate to our premium used car parts page to search for your needed part via our part request software or call (812) 423-6271 and speak with one of our part replacement experts who will make sure you find the proper part for your vehicle.

All we need is the year, make, model and engine size for your vehicle, and we’ll find you one that works.

Our used or recycled engines come complete, minus the AC compressor, starter, alternator and power steering pump. All other parts left on the engines are for convenience purposes only.

To Make the Process Easier:

We suggest you check to see if you need any additional parts that may have been damaged or missing from your existing engine to complete your repair
You should save any integral parts from your old engine as they will need to be installed onto your new replacement engine.

All of our used engines are cleaned, inspected for damage, test run and compression tested to ensure you get a quality product. All used engines come standard with a 90-day warranty with an option to purchase an extended warranty as well.

Liberty Auto's Remanufactured Engine Department

A remanufactured engine is not a rebuilt engine, instead it is completely disassembled, cleaned, inspected, re-machined, reassembled and tested to ensure functional quality that meets or exceeds original specifications and performance.

It is much more complicated then replacing a few worn parts. Any known defects of the original engines are repaired during the remanufacturing process, making some remanufactured engines better than their original production quality.

We source all of our remanufactured engines from APS Manufacturing. APS has been a world leader in the engine remanufacturing business for more than 60 years, and remanufactures engines and parts to Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) rigid standards.

Liberty Auto remanufactured engines offer buyers many benefits. Two of the biggest benefits are:

  1. The availability of late-model engines for domestic and foreign cars
  2. Added parts to the engine build level making the engine quicker to install

Vehicles with a Liberty Auto Salvage remanufactured engine are frequently easier to sell because they offer buyers more peace of mind. The Liberty Auto remanufactured engine comes with a 36-month, 100,000-mile parts and labor warranty.

Liberty Auto Salvage remanufactured engines are available for most makes and models, from 1985 through 2006. Our scrap yard can be easily reached by residents of Indiana and Kentucky, but our online search feature enables us to cater to the recycled parts needs of people worldwide.

For more on re manufactured engines, transmission or general information, please call one of our replacement part specialists at (812) 423-6271.